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Infinity Blockchain Labs engages in partnerships that span regions and sectors. The collaborative relationships focused on FinTech, RegTech and education build communities, facilitate industry adoption of blockchain technologies and produce breakthrough products and services.

  • FinTech Club

    FinTech Club

    Vietnam Fintech Club (VFC), under the guidance of Vietnam Banks Association, aims to establish a playground for Vietnam’s Fintech community and foster an ecosystem which promotes the use of technology to provide financial services in Vietnam. VFC collaborates with financial institutions & related partners to explore untouched markets and unmet demand for financial services. It connects consultants, regulators and influencers, donors and sponsors to establish a Fintech legal framework for Vietnam.

  • BitLegal

    BitLegal tracks the evolving regulatory landscape of digital cash/bearer assets and blockchain technology around the world.The news and education provider helps individuals and companies understand the evolving legal statuses of cryptocurrencies and technologies across countries and regions.

    Infinity Blockchain Labs has partnered with BitLegal to help share information and research. Reporting and spreading accurate information is imperative to IBL’s goal of creating global blockchain compliancy standards.

  • Diacle

    Diacle is a Hong-Kong based law firm that provides innovative and disruptive business models in regulated industries with compliance and licensing support. Diacle is credited with achieving the first payments license for a bitcoin company in the UK, Money Service Operator (MSO) licenses in Hong Kong for fintech companies, Electronic Money licenses for innovative digital currency businesses, digital currency derivatives brokerage licenses and blockchain-based gambling licenses.

    Infinity Blockchain Labs has partnered with Diacle to enhance its blockchain-based services and establish global compliance standards for blockchain technologies.

  • Blockchain Business Community

    In response to the energy and interest surrounding blockchain technology, Blockchain Business Community (BBC) has set up a rigorous, multi-platformed community to educate and promote collaborations. Their programs and initiatives unite professionals and blockchain enthusiasts across industries to exchange information and form alliances. Originating in Japan, the community is poised to expand throughout the region.

  • SBV Banking Strategy Institute

    The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is the nation’s central bank and majority stake owner in the country’s largest listed bank by capital. SBV’s Bank Strategy Institute has signed an MoU with Infinity Blockchain Labs to encourage adoption of blockchain technologies. IBL will support the research of the regulatory sandbox for exploring how the banking industry can best take advantage of blockchain from a managerial perspective. The collaborative efforts will give particular attention to regulations and compliance standards

  • Vietnam Banks Association

    Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) is a voluntary, professional organization of banking and credit institutions in Vietnam. Currently consisting of 39 commercial banks, 2 joint-venture banks, and 11 finance companies, it gathers and motivates its members to cooperate and support one another in their operations. Representatives from the institutions exchange information, expertise, research and technology and collaboratively disseminate information to the outside world. Since its founding in 1995, the Hanoi-based association has been instrumental in developing Vietnam’s financial sector and helped expand bank services, introduce new systems and further establish its members’ trusted relationship with government entities and clients alike.

    Infinity Blockchain Labs is an honorary member of VNBA and the only blockchain representative. IBL therefore serves as a blockchain ambassador, providing information, research, incubation and advice.

  • Chain of Things

    Chain of Things (CoT) was formed by a group of technologists at the nexus of IoT hardware manufacturing and alternative blockchain applications. At the base of the chaotic IoT supply chain and manufacturing stack, they saw a clear threat to the future stability of IoT. CoT is setup to explore all security applications within blockchain IoT and look at the development of open-standards for the industry to use. Additionally, their strategy is to organize global events involving industry participants and case studies to test the existing technology and explore practical applications within various verticals. Their core competencies range from sensors, end to end manufacturing, communication protocols, and data analytics, to blockchain, open protocol hackathons, crypto law, global macroeconomics, and design.

    Infinity Blockchain Labs has partnered with Chain of Things for development of Blockpass and other products and services.

Network of Top Universities

To train and support the future leaders of Vietnam's blockchain community, Infinity Blockchain Labs has partnered with the country's premier universities. Our joint education, research and development programs will ensure Vietnam's position as a global leader in blockchain knowledge and implementation.

Blockchain Education Courses

  • Asia’s first-ever blockchain-specific course

  • Over 200 students enrolled

  • Courses developed in HCMC, Da Nang, Can Tho, Hanoi and An Giang

  • PhD professors as course leaders

  • The first-ever Vietnamese language blockchain textbooks authored in coordination

  • Blockchain-exclusive labs prepared at 7 universities

First-ever blockchain course in Vietnam. First Vietnamese language blockchain textbooks authored in coordination with universities. Over 100 students enrolled. PhD professors as course leaders. 5-month immersive course series involving expert theory, research and practical project creation.

Business Partners

  • Duane morris vietnam llc
  • infinity blockchain labs - TMA solutions

Community Partners

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Event Partners

  • 01-AChain
  • 02-cobinhood
  • 03-emurgo
  • 04-livetreeADEPT
  • 05-ALTLABS
  • 06-FoundationX
  • 07-nami
  • 08-nem
  • 09-Tomochain
  • 10-BTM
  • 11-Hanwha
  • 12-Netnam
  • Hybrid Block
  • 14-Acoin
  • 15-WisePass
  • 16-Fluence
  • 17-QUOINE
  • 18-Uber
  • 21-London-Stock-Exchange-Group-PLC_a
  • 22-logo-napas
  • 23-iohk
  • 24-logo-OCBC
  • 25-hyperledger
  • 26-Fintech-of-Hongkong
  • 27-ADCA
  • 28-Bank-of-America
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  • 33-Coinfirm1
  • 34-BigchainDB
  • 35-HK-e
  • 36-maecenas
  • 37-Decent
  • 38-Centrality
  • 39-Unisys
  • 40-Indorse
  • 41-Avanade
  • 42-Viisa
  • 43-bloom
  • 44-Kyber
  • 45-Intrepid
  • 46-Komodo
  • 47-Ohmilabs
  • 48-Logo-amis
  • 49-Sentinel
  • 50-Infinito
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  • 66-Fysical-Large-Logo-Trimmedweb
  • 67-BETRIUM
  • 68-MBI
  • 69-UNDP
  • 70-Nasdaq
  • 71-WISE
  • 72-brave-new-coin
  • 73-world-bank
  • 74-VietNamNews
  • 75-PCWorld
  • 76-unlock
  • 77-FBNC
  • 78-Genk
  • 79-tuoitre
  • 80-tinhte
  • 81-HAWEE
  • 82-VBC
  • 83-VNITO
  • 84-dreamplex
  • 86-future-travel
  • 87-UEH-Connected
  • 88-BEN
  • 89-we
  • 90-MLG
  • 91-innovative
  • 92-ITV-Asia
  • 93-VN-BIZ-TV
  • 94-Alphabooks
  • 95-Real-estate
  • 96-Alpha-Blockchain
  • 97-EV
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