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IBL Demonstrates Blockchain Potential for the ICT Sector at Vietnam ICT COMM Expo


July 2, 2018

Mr. Do Van Long – Regional Chief Strategy Officer of Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) was a keynote speaker at the “Dominant Technology Solutions in 2018” seminar held concurrently with the VIETNAM ICT COMM expo on June 7, 2018.

IBL Demonstrates Blockchain Potential for the ICT Sector at Vietnam ICT COMM Expo

Co-organized by the Vietnam Internet Association and ADPEX JSC, Vietnam ICT COMM 2018 expo is one of the Vietnam’s largest trade events in the fields of IT and telecommunications. The exhibition is a great opportunity for the manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to showcase their best products and services and seek potential customers while establishing long-term cooperation with valuable partners. A wide range of telecommunications and IT products and services were on display including software, mobile applications, hardware devices, wireless technologies, internet services, electronic products and services, network infrastructure, and many others.

Key topics discussed at the event included:

  • Blockchain solutions – The leading edge of blockchain technology and its influence on ICT in Vietnam and the region.
  • Biz30s Solution – The solution for optimizing productivity and operating costs for businesses
  • Online management technology – Increase three times the efficiency to maximize the business owner’s freedom
  • Technologies that help SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) enter the E-Commerce market easily
  • The business model of technology solutions in Vietnam

“Dominant Technology Solutions in 2018”

The expo also featured a number of seminars featuring leading local and international experts on topical issues such as application of IoT technology in cities, problems and solutions related to cyber security and penetrating the global technology market. As part of that, the workshop entitled “Dominant Technology Solutions in 2018,” with the participation of the representative from IBL, delivered robust knowledge and insight into the evolution of ICT sector as well as some of the emerging technology mega trends and game-changing solutions for business development.

The “Dominant Technology Solutions in 2018” forum brought together leaders, professionals and high-profile delegates in government, business and academia to network and discuss the technological solutions for future businesses. Speakers included Nguyen Ngoc Dung, Vice President of Vietnam E-commerce Association; Vu Hoang Lien, President of Vietnam Internet Association; Do Van Long, Regional Chief Strategy Officer of Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL); Dinh Hong Minh, Principal Software Engineer of Zalo Business, and many more.

Rapid technology growth in Vietnam

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Do Van Long, Regional Chief Strategy Officer of IBL, shared his profound knowledge and experiences about blockchain technology as well as its influence on the ICT sector. With each passing day, technology is growing by leaps and bounds. There is no doubt that technology solutions have truly revolutionized the world and molded into almost every single aspect of our modern lives. Today almost every field revolves around technology, including business, culture, economy, education and many more.

IBL Demonstrates Blockchain Potential for the ICT Sector at Vietnam ICT COMM Expo

The representative of IBL presents at the “Dominant Technology Solutions in 2018” seminar

According to Long, the technology environment in Vietnam is developing at a relentless pace, defined by a growing population of young coders, engineers, entrepreneurs, and students driving economic growth and technological innovation. This presents a multitude of opportunities as well as challenges in the face of increased international competition. As a result, it is critical for homegrown enterprises to invest and upgrade their technological capabilities, thereby competing with foreign counterparts and further developing to a level on par with regional nations.

secure internet data

Long also stressed that blockchain, the technology breakthrough underpinning Bitcoin, would be the next big thing to shake up the industry. With the outstanding features of tamper resistance, transparency, immutability, and enhanced security, blockchain has gradually approached mass acceptance in different spheres and the ICT sector is no exception. Referred as the technological innovation of the future, blockchain initiates a new wave of secure internet data and effective integration of data among processes, which are likely to bring more business opportunities for the ICT sector.

IBL Demonstrates Blockchain Potential for the ICT Sector at Vietnam ICT COMM Expo

In addition, a number of other experts enhanced the various discussions by providing additional practical experience and expertise in their relevant areas. Lively, insightful and informative, the seminar successfully brought together a selection of professionals and leading practitioners from diverse areas, who were eager to learn new knowledge, exchange ideas and forge ties with one another.

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