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IBL FintechLab Attends Blockchain for Finance Conference


July 6, 2018

Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) was thrilled to attend the Blockchain for Finance Conference held in Singapore on June 20th and 21st, 2018. The event welcomed 240 blockchain and finance senior delegates to the Hilton Hotel for two days of action packed information sharing and networking from some of the biggest key players in FinTech. Attendees were given the chance to listen to impressive discussions led by keynote speakers and panels, network with well over 200 delegates, meet with companies at their booths in the Technology Showcase hall, and participate in interactive workshops.

IBL FintechLab Attends Blockchain for Finance Conference

The event was the perfect opportunity for networking and information sharing. The conference boasted representation from 240 senior level delegates, 133 different companies, and 33 financial institutions. Participants had the chance to network with senior delegates from IT, data, trade finance, payments, and risk functions.

IBL FintechLab Attends Blockchain for Finance Conference

Impressive Keynote and Panel Discussions

Attendees to the event had the opportunity to take advantage of a series of fascinating keynote and panel discussions led by C-Level speakers representing some of the most influential financial institutions and IT and blockchain specialists. Speakers came from companies such as OCBC, J.P. Morgan, Standard Chartered, R3, IBM, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ConsenSys, Digital Asset, Ripple, Manulife, Metlife, Northern Trust, Krungsri, Stellar, TenX and many others. The speakers shared their insights on utilizing blockchain and DLT to transform the landscape of FS.

Speakers and keynotes covered fascinating content related to blockchain and FinTech. Speakers explained how a range of financial institutions are using distributed ledger technologies to fit into their wider digital strategy​. Through case studies, attendees learned how institutions benefit from the most from cutting-edge projects in payments, KYC, insurance, bond issuance, trade finance, capital markets, and more to visualize the potential of DLT. The concept of interoperability was discussed as well as the importance of ensuring interoperability between blockchain solutions and legacy technologies to guarantee seamless adoption. The benefit of blockchain was weighed against the cost of initial investments. And, the regulatory landscape was thoroughly discussed in regards to expanding markets and their response to current changes.

IBL FintechLab Attends Blockchain for Finance Conference

Technology Showcase Hall and Interactive Workshops

Attendees had the chance to visit the booths of solution providers and enterprises. The Technology Showcase Hall consisted of a tremendous amount of booths from blockchain service providers and a wide range of enterprises offering the technology and services to help enable blockchain DLT projects. The Technology Showcase Hall offered a fun way for attendees to meet some of their favorite blockchain enterprises and meet with some of the inspiring speakers from

In the interactive workshops, attendees took advantage of more intimate sessions to learn about some of the hottest topics directly from experts of the respective subjects. The first workshop regarded tech for finance and consisted of topics such as the future of payment with cryptocurrencies and hot to bridge financial and crypto markets. The second interactive workshop discussed blockchain in banking and finance, covering ways in which financial and banking industry can benefit from blockchain technology such as fraud reduction, identity management and KYC, smart contracts, payments, trading platforms, and loyalty and rewards programs.

IBL’s Blossoming Role in FinTech

Infinity Blockchain Research and Development Labs creates projects that provide practical solutions to transform different industries and business. We collaborate with strategic partners in a wide range of industries in RegTech and FinTech to operate in full compliance with our mainstream projects in creating a better world.

IBL’s FintechLab is a growing project developed by IBL that works to create value by providing multisolutions in the financial industry using Blockchain decentralized technology. With the purpose of making payments simple, the FintechLab is discovering opportunities to publicize product protocols in FinTech businesses with major functions such as scheduled payments, shared payments, single payments, instant payments, and installment payments.

FintechLab attended the event to solidify its growing presence within the FinTech community as well as extend its evolving ecosystem. In mingling with the impressive amount of attendees, FintechLab worked to facilitate and improve communications with the FinTech community while building a base of people who are passionate about blockchain, financial technology, and online payment systems.

As one of the leading R&D blockchain companies, Infinity Blockchain Labs invests in and allocates intensive in-house resources to the practical application of blockchain technology for all industries If your company is interested in blockchain-based financial technology solutions, or any other forms of decentralized business solutions, we invite you to explore the many ways we can work with you!

About Infinity Blockchain Labs

Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) is a visionary R&D company committed to advancing society with next-generation solutions. We are currently the blockchain ecosystem leader in Vietnam with a global reach. Our mission is to be the R&D engine that transforms future technology into practical applications for business and everyday life. Named one of the top ten blockchain technology solution providers in 2018 by APAC CIO Outlook, our 200+ employees at IBL aspire to empower Vietnam to become the global leader in blockchain research and development.

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