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IBL Presents Blockchain-Based Revolutionary Traceability Solution at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2018


August 7, 2018

Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) was thrilled to attend and sponsor the 23rd Vietnam ICT Outlook (VIO) 2018 workshop themed the “Innovation in the Digital Era” in Ho Chi Minh City on July 26th, 2018. Hosted by the HCMC Computer Association (HCA), the event saw the participation of nearly 2,000 representatives from various associations, institutes, universities, consulate generals, trade promotion organizations, enterprises, incubators, and investment funds. Attendees heard a range of topics circulating around digitization solutions for IT enterprises, IT application businesses, State-owned enterprises, governmental agencies, and academia, etc. Mr. Do Van Long, the Regional Chief Strategy Officer (RSCO) for IBL, was privileged to speak about our newest initiative, Fruitchain, a blockchain-based agriculture traceability solution.

IBL Presents Blockchain-Based Revolutionary Traceability Solution at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2018

The Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA) is a trade association for IT companies, advisory firms, educational institutions and other industry stakeholders. HCA organizes events and initiatives that help to build the IT industry in Ho Chi Minh City and beyond. It is responsible for both domestic and foreign trade promotion, government relations and many other activities. VIO 2018 was also created with the support from the Ministry of Information and Communications; the municipal People’s Committee; the Department of Information and Communications; and the Department of and Science and Technology

IBL Presents Blockchain-Based Revolutionary Traceability Solution at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2018

VIO 2018 discusses digital transformation in the ICT industry

VIO 2018 provided a fantastic platform to share knowledge and information about important topics related to the ICT industry. In addition to introductions for products and ICT solutions along with amazing networking opportunities for the government, business, and academic sectors, the event showcased fascinating themes.

Speakers discussed innovation in the digital age, reports about digitization solutions for government agencies and enterprises of different sizes, experience based advice, and successful case studies. In addition, VIO 2018 also featured a series of activities such as events and exhibitions to introduce new technologies, ITC solutions and services of domestic and foreign firms, a trade promotion program titled “Building Partner Ecosystems in the Digital Era,” and an exchange forum for startups and innovation firms.

IBL Presents Blockchain-Based Revolutionary Traceability Solution at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2018

During discussions, industry experts underlined the necessity for production enterprises to promote digital transformation. This will help enterprises optimize production resources and facilitate access to their customers. These steps towards digitization will enable firms to improve their competitiveness, enhancing the application of new technologies such as blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence, etc.

As a sponsor, IBL had a fantastic opportunity to showcase its expertise to the highly engaged target market. The sponsorship gave IBL access to thousands of people in the target market for the purpose of building relationships. The sponsorship also facilitated media exposure and brand awareness along with opportunities to meet with new clients, customers and businesses. The sponsorship also gave IBL the opportunity to provide attendees with a presentation about one of its most exciting projects.

Fruitchain in focus

Mr. Do Van Long, the RCSO for IBL provided a fascinating introduction IBL’s newest initiative, Fruitchain. Fruitchain is a revolutionary blockchain-based traceability solution in Vietnam and pioneer in solving product transparency and immutability issues as well as providing real-time product information to parties regarding all steps in the supply chain process. With the mission of becoming the food traceability leader in both domestic and global markets, Fruitchain is one of the first solutions for the traceability of agricultural products in Vietnam and it will pave the way for local agriculture to enter the global agriculture market.

IBL Presents Blockchain-Based Revolutionary Traceability Solution at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2018

In its early stages, the pilot program will be first focus on Cat Chu mangoes produced in My Xuong Cooperative, Dong Thap province. Fruitchain will later expand into different markets across the country and Southeast Asia region as well as scaling up internationally. Fruitchain also aims at providing stable and cutting-edge services for different types of fruit apart from mango.

The presentation of IBL and the Fruitchain initiative received strong support from the panel at the VIO 2018 workshop, including Mr. Phi Anh Tuan, the Vice President of HCMC Computer Association and Representative of Microsoft Vietnam, etc. The panel acknowledged how the project started from a small pilot program but it is very practical and applicable to real world scenarios. From this very small pilot program, it can be applied and replicated to other agricultural products, industries, sectors, and lives.

IBL Presents Blockchain-Based Revolutionary Traceability Solution at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2018

Learn more about Fruitchain!

Mr. Do Van Long on the importance of IT

Mr. Do Van Long, the Regional Chief Strategy Officer (RSCO). Long has seventeen years in IT as well as experience as executive management and the Chief Technology Officer in E-commerce, Travel, Hospitality and Finance. He specialized in creating innovative enterprise solutions related to ERP, CRM, SCM, Financial solutions, Business Intelligence, and now in Blockchain Services & Business Strategy development.

Long also shared his profound knowledge and experiences about the importance of technology as well as its influence on the ICT sector. Long believes that technology is growing by leaps and bounds everyday and it it is crucial to stay at the forefront of any new technology. Furthermore, technology solutions have truly revolutionized the world and applied to almost every single aspect of our modern lives. Today almost every field revolves around technology, including business, culture, economy, education and many more.

IBL Presents Blockchain-Based Revolutionary Traceability Solution at Vietnam ICT Outlook 2018

Why blockchain matters

Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that addresses transparency and traceability challenges. Blockchain enables companies to record all information or transactions within the supply chain on a distributed ledger, in a secure, immutable, and irrevocable way. With blockchain, repeated and complete traceability is now possible without any centralized actor or the presence of an independent third party at every transaction.

Blockchain provides  complete transparent and immutable product history for both businesses and consumers throughout the entire supply chain. Blockchain’s transparency also helps authenticate against counterfeits, business frauds, and gray markets, which further boosts end-user confidence while encouraging business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Long is confident that blockchain will be the next big thing to shake up not only the IT industry, but the agriculture and supply line industries. With the outstanding features of tamper resistance, transparency, immutability, and enhanced security, blockchain has gradually approached mass acceptance in different spheres and the ICT sector is no exception. Referred to as the technological innovation of the future, blockchain initiates a new wave of secure internet data and effective integration of data among processes, which are likely to bring more business opportunities for the ICT sector.

See more of Long’s thoughts on the importance of ICT at from his presentation at the Vietnam ICT COMM Expo.

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