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Asia Blockchain Education Lab

Accessible knowledge and training is key to expanding blockchain’s impact in Vietnam and around the world. As a global blockchain pioneer, Infinity Blockchain Labs is committed to educating and inspiring through partnerships with top universities, as well as focused outreach programs throughout the country and region. By designing and implementing blockchain courses at major universities, authoring a blockchain textbook and fostering university labs, IBL is ensuring Vietnam will lead in tomorrow’s blockchain innovations.

Asia Blockchain Education


Asia Blockchain Education Lab


In partnership with Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Infinity Blockchain Labs has developed the first ever blockchain education system. The aim of the program is to introduce learners to the basics of blockchain technology. It involves 3 courses: The first course gives a general introduction to blockchain technology. It presents the concepts underlying blockchain and shows both how it works and how it can be implemented. The course is an extensive in-depth journey into blockchain theory. The second course is immediately follows and details more in-depth technical aspects of blockchain technology. It aims to share with software engineers the basics of blockchain technology as well as languages and tools required to build decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. This course provides learners with hands-on programing experience. The third course is aimed at experienced programmers, introducing everything needed to apply the technology, and analyze & evaluate a decentralized applications in a practical situation. These courses are simply the first of numerous steps that Asia Blockchain Education expects to take this year in their efforts to make Vietnam as a global blockchain center

Blockchain University Labs

As part of the university courses, Infinity Blockchain Labs is serving as a mentor at blockchain-specific labs at 7 of the nation’s top universities. With the help of faculty members, students in the labs will research and create pre-projects for real-world blockchain use cases. The results of the research will be published on the IBL website.

Blockchain Textbook

Dr. Dang Minh Tuan, the renowned scholar and Vietkey founder has partnered with the Infinity Blockchain Labs to expand the first two textbooks from the university education courses into a professionally published and distributed book by the end of the 2017. The book will be the first of its kind in Vietnam and allow students from all over the country to learn about blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology is capable of transforming the way the world does business. To best serve diverse sectors, IBL consists of multiple individual labs with different strategic focuses. Whether it’s related to cryptocurrency and FinTech, business development, regulation and compliance or broad incubation, exploration and education, IBL has an R&D lab working on it.