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As an integrated blockchain-based Fintech ecosystem, Alta Apps offers accessible, turn-key products to users with diverse needs. We also deliver solutions to service providers and design customized White Label products compliant with country-specific regulations and practices.

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As one of the world’s leading HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) lightweight wallets accommodating Bitcoin and Ethereum, Alta Wallet is designed to deliver user-friendly, hassle-free experiences and risks-immune security for users with lightning speed service and agile recovery mode. Explore more about Alta Wallet

Gaming Lab relies on blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people play and develop games. Embracing the technology and its power to innovate RNG (Random Number Generator), and smart contracts, we research provably fair, engaging and easily regulated games accessible around the globe.

Blockpass is a blockchain identity protocol for the internet of everything developed by Infinity Blockchain Labs and Hong Kong based Chain of Things. The production ready Regtech platform offers shared regulatory and compliance services for humans, companies, objects and devices. Blockpass enables the development of new applications that rely on a trusted connection between human and device identities.

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  Blockchain technology’s future depends on the passion and fluency of today’s students and innovators. As a global blockchain leader, we are passionate about training and inspiring through incubating partnerships with top universities, as well as focused outreach and education programs throughout the entire country and region.

As a global leader in blockchain R&D, we are eager to share our knowledge, goals and passion so as to spread understanding and enthusiasm about the technology. By founding programs, forming incubating collaborations with diverse groups and participating in conferences, workshops and contests, we can build thriving communities dedicated to the success of blockchain technology.

Harnessing the interest in blockchain technology, market potentials and amount of talented young people in Vietnam, we organized the first Blockchain-based project contest to promote blockchain technology to the public through pragmatic, innovative and unprecedented use cases and applications….Explore more about Enigma

We are dedicated to researching and developing full compliance solutions that unite businesses and governments.

IBL Core Lab explores ways in which blockchain technology can innovate across industries. It develops products, delivers solutions to service providers and designs customized White Label products empowered by Ethereum smart contracts and Cross-chain API platform. All IBL Core products and services are designed with and provide for full compliance, thus business partners who utilize them can have complaint business operations by default.

Infinito Wallet unlocks the trading, investing and payment power of top cryptocurrencies and the majority tokens with secure and easy to use functions. The secure, multi-coin wallet offers fast transactions, optimised costs and supports the most languages of any wallet currently available.
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